Multi-channel Reporting

The single most powerful pricing and inventory management report you will ever use. Get ready to sell more, more often.

What is multi-channel eCommerce reporting?

A report which aggregates sales and inventory across all of your channels.

Our report takes into account sales on other channels, sales velocity, multi-packs, and kits and provides you with the most holistic view of your sales and inventory so you know what’s moving and on which channel.

How would I use a sellthrough report like this?

This report should be used for inventory planning and management.

Know exactly when to reorder inventory, how much, and the best possible inventory allocation. Ensure you never have stockouts or too much supply that’s never sold through.

Why use eCommerceGuy for reporting?

We've developed and honed custom formulas, algorithms, and report structure for the best possible report.

Our proprietary formulas and algorithms allow us to create the most accurate view of your company’s selling performance across all of your channels. If you’re selling on 2+ channels your pricing and inventory management strategies will benefit tremendously from this report. 

eCommerce Reporting Case Study

See how our proprietary sellthrough report has allowed Good Dee's to maximize sales through effective inventory planning

Prior to using the Sellthrough Report I was always struggled with inventory ordering. There was no high-level inventory planning. After Daniel and his team taught me how to read the report it was like a lightbulb went off in my head. I was able to strike a perfect balance between ordering (and maximizing order-in-bulk discounts) and ensuring that we never had excess inventory. This was an absolute game-changer for our inventory management.

Deana Karim,

CRO Pricing

Affordable. Fair. Transparent.

2 eCommerce Channels

  • Single eCommerce Store Audit
  • Single Video Review With Voiceover
  • Single Actionable PDF Report
  • Price default list
  • 30 Minute Follow Up Call
  • 10 Day Turnaround Time

3 eCommerce Channels

  • Monthly eCommerce Store Audit
  • Monthly Video Review With Voiceover
  • Monthly Actionable PDF Report
  • Monthly Strategy Calls
  • Monthly Result Reports
  • A/B Testing Site Features
  • A/B Testing Site Design
  • Monthly Performance Reports
  • * Requires a 3 month commitment but will not be billed all-at-once

4 eCommerce Channels


5 eCommerce Channels


6+ eCommerce Channels


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    Our eCommerce Reporting Process

    Our thorough onboarding and data analysis is what sets us apart from other agencies.

    Client / Agency Collaboration

    Our best relationships are ones that are blunt and, at times, brutally honest. But we understand that all healthy, honest relationships are built on trust.

    There are many facets of trust. The most obvious is performance. When we’re kicking butt, you’re going to be obsessed with us! But what about in the early stages when we have yet to prove ourselves, or if we experience a slump?

    In that case, we rely on transparency. We’ll be obsessed with making sure analytics and conversion tracking is set up properly. If you need e-commerce tracking set up on your site, we’ll make sure it happens. If you need a way to track incoming phone calls, we’ll do that too. If you need to determine your lifetime value of a customer, we’ll provide the right insights.

    We’re not here to make promises or excuses. Instead, we want to have proactive conversations with you and your team.

    360° Statistical Analysis

    Any amateur PPC specialist or automated script can make basic inferences about what performs well and what does not. We take it one step further by solving for why. We’re determined to not just find what works, but to understand why something works, and how it can be replicated.

    Our team is loaded with experienced digital marketing professionals with well rounded backgrounds in analytics, psychology, statistics, and consumer behavior.

    So we love running multivariate tests, regression analysis, and pulling data into pivot tables. Once we find a trend, we theorize the cause of that trend and will run additional tests to conclude our hypothesis.

    We also place a tremendous amount of value on attribution modeling and its’ importance in measuring campaign performance. Our team understands that the buyer journey is a complicated process, and we’ll be fixated on finding the optimal mix of ad frequency and messaging over time to convert your users to buyers.

    Conversion-Centric Campaigns

    At the end of the day, it’s real people that are interacting with your ads, website, and brand, and real people are very particular about what types of messaging and advertisements they respond to.

    Effective ads go beyond catching the eye of the user. They tell a story about your brand and showcase your value proposition. The imagery and design of a quality advertisement will communicate just as much relevant information as the ad copy.

    The design of your website and landing pages is even more significant. A website should not only be visually appealing and clear in its’ messaging, but it needs to be optimized for conversion rate. When you are spending money on acquiring traffic, you need to ensure that you’re doing everything you can to convert this traffic into customers and leads.

    Our team is filled with the best graphic designers and conversion rate experts around. We have all the tools to effectively tell your story and optimize your site for success. We understand design and how to create this experience for your users.

    We’re not kidding. Our Co-Founder was first introduced to this industry as a means to sell his artwork online. And while we didn’t technically write the book on landing page design, we did develop a best-selling online course on the topic.

    Dedication to Growth

    You’re looking for an AdWords management company that will help your campaigns outperform the competition on an ongoing, consistent basis. We’re not looking to hit a home run in month one (although sometimes it happens!).

    Our strategy focuses on developing a campaign structure that can scale over time, that will generate organized data that can be interpreted with reliability, and working with you to grow your business via paid advertising and our Google AdWords management services.

    We take growth seriously, and if we can’t show you clearly why you’re money is being best spent with us, we don’t deserve your business. And we’re determined to deserve your business.

    This report will change how you operate your business.

    This report turned Good Dee’s into a inventory management and planning machine. It will absolutely do the same for you and your business. Still unsure? Let’s chat about it!


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