Conversion Rate Optimization

The convergence of art and data science which has been proven to improve eCommerce conversion rates.

What is a CRO Audit?

A 250-point inspection and report of your eCommerce store diagnosing why you are suffering from a low conversion rate.

The only way to diagnose website issues and to pin-point customer pain points is by having a Conversion Rate Optimization Audit performed on your store. CRO Audit deliverables include a 1 – 2 hour video of your site being reviewed along with an actionable PDF of improvements and changes to be made to your store. These changes will help to encourage customer checkouts as well as increasing the site of your Average Order Value.

Why do I need a CRO Audit?

Because you are dealing with a low conversion rate and have no idea what's causing the issue(s).

‘Seeing the forest through the trees’ is the saying that comes to mind when speaking of eCommerce managers/store owners attempting to diagnose a low conversion rate. Most of the time, having a professional, seasoned, and detached set of eyes reviewing and critiquing your store can have a profound effect on website sales. That’s the goal and sole purpose of a CRO Audit.

Why use eCommerceGuy?

We've been performing hundreds of eCommerce audits and have seen an average conversion rate improvement of 287% is an evolution of where the sole service offered was an eCommerce Conversion Rate Optimization Audit. That’s what we did for years and we were pretty darn good at doing them. So much so, that we’ve performed audits for three Fortune 500 companies!

Conversion Rate Optimization Case Studies

Here are a few clients who have experienced a drastic improvement in conversion rates as a result of our CRO work.

Working with Daniel and his team to discover why visitors to our store weren’t converting was a great experience. After implementing most of Daniel’s recommendations from the conversion rate audit, we saw our conversion rate go from a 30 day average of 2.5% to 4.3%.

Jerri Masterson

CRO Pricing

Affordable. Fair. Transparent.

One-time Optimization

Price default caption
  • Single eCommerce Store Audit
  • Single Video Review With Voiceover
  • Single Actionable PDF Report
  • Price default list
  • 30 Minute Follow Up Call
  • 10 Day Turnaround Time

Always Be Optimizing

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  • Monthly eCommerce Store Audit
  • Monthly Video Review With Voiceover
  • Monthly Actionable PDF Report
  • Monthly Strategy Calls
  • Monthly Result Reports
  • A/B Testing Site Features
  • A/B Testing Site Design
  • Monthly Performance Reports
  • * Requires a 3 month commitment but will not be billed all-at-once

Let's improve your eCommerce conversion rate

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