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Establishing and operating a profitable and scalable eCommerce business is difficult and frustrating, unless you have the right team and guidance behind you. This site is still being put together, but if you find yourself in need of help with your eCommerce store, please get in touch.

Paid Advertising (PPC)

Expert management of your Paid Advertising campaigns with stellar management of KPIs such as CPA, AOV, and ROI.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Your site is audited, redesigned, and recoded to ensure the highest possibility of converting your traffic to paying customers.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO, if done right, can be a tremendous asset to your eCommerce store. Rank on top of search engine results for keywords which convert.

Multi-channel Management

Effective management of your omnichannel selling strategy. Allowing you to scale with the demand of your products.

Multi-Channel Advanced Reporting

A multi-channel sellthrough report allows for the clearest view of your products’ performance across your selling channels for better data-driven decisions.

eCommerce Launching

Assisting you from idea to selling by implementing a solid eCommerce foundation and setting you up for immediate success.

E-mail & Automated Marketing

Design stunning email campaigns which captivate your existing customers and entice them to become return customers with a higher LTV.

Website Redesign & Graphic Design

Think your site’s appearance and feel is a bit dated in need of a makeover? Watch your site go from old and dated to with a team of talented and understanding graphic designers.

eCommerce Replatforming

Switching eCommerce platforms is one of the most stressful, and if not done correctly, one of the most costly decisions you’ll ever make. Partner up with a resource who has done this countless times for a seamless transition.

eCommerce Management

Operating an eCommerce store is both frustrating and rewarding. Offload the frustration by delegating the day-t0-day management of your eCommerce store to a trusted team so you can get back to doing your high-level tasks.

eCommerce Boutique Consulting

In the dynamic, fast-pace, and ever-changing world of eCommerce there’s been no one for you to lean on or bounce ideas off – until now. Boutique eCommerce consulting allows you to contact me, the eCommerceGuy, with all of your questions – via email, phone/video call, or text message nearly 24/7/365.

eCommerce University

Interested in starting your own eCommerce store but are afraid of not knowing where to start, what to do first, or are overwhelmed by the thought of selling online? The eCommerce University online course portal makes the process of selling online incredibly simple with easy to understand, step-by-step processes.

Pardon the dust...

In an effort to better online merchants like you, by offering a wider range of services, we’ve decided to re-brand from ConversionRateGuy to eCommerceGuy.


Please visit, for more information about services such as Conversion Rate Optimization, Paid Advertising Campaigns, and Search Engine Optimization.


You can contact me there, on this site, or by sending me an email to

About eCommerceGuy


Hi, my name is Daniel and I am the managing director of eCommerceGuy. Although my formal background is Accounting, I was hired as the Director of Operations for one of the largest multi-national beauty and cosmetics etailer in the world. During my time with that organization I was tasked with implementing a full-scale ERP, merging two wholly owned subsidiaries, designing and deploying scalable software architecture, and improving operational processes as it related to the eCommerce division. One of my most rewarding, yet challenging, experiences of managing an eCommerce store (as I’m sure you’re very well-aware of) was attaining the highly coveted, yet frustratingly elusive, 90 day average site-wide conversion rate of 9.4%… during the slowest months. Achieving a stellar conversion rate wasn’t as simple as writing about it on this page. My team of designers, developers, and myself spent months performing countless A/B tests on nearly every element of the site, across nearly every major device, operating system, browser, and screen resolution. My keen understanding of eCommerce best practices, thorough understanding of consumer behavior, and relentless testing allowed me to develop a set of skills specifically designed to improve eCommerce conversion rates. That’s how eCommerceGuy was created.

A bit about me, personally (I’m a real person, not just a guy with a snazzy site and stellar service). My wife and I love to travel – we most recently visited Ireland and fell in love with the history, food, and people. I am an avid golfer and will occasionally pick up a tennis racquet when the Mrs. can’t find someone else with whom to rally. I love playing chess, listening to historic non-fiction audio books, and spicy food!